среда, 8 мая 2013 г.

Clare Redfild

 skin by Ephemera
eyebrows by Ephemera
hardballer hand Gun by CloudwalkerNZ
eyelashes by S_Club
blush by Tifa
eyeshadow by Ephemera
contact lenses by Ephemera
lipstick N12 by S-Club 
female clothes N2 by Shaninily
Facial sliders by Bella3lek4 
Nostril Rotate by #aWT  
Slider Set: "Jawline" + "Brow Depth" by #aWT
GEOM Sliders: Upper Lip by #aWT
Eyeball Slider Set by #aWT
GEOM Slider Set: "Nose Septum" by #aWT
Lip sliders by Hermi

3 комментария:

  1. Can you post the link of the hair?

  2. She looks incredible ! Unfortunatly all the sliders from #aWT are removed from his/her site... -.-

  3. where is the link of the hair?